Digital Services


Manage your account online, wherever you are, 24/7

To help make doing business with us as easy as possible, all our customers, no matter the country or location, can access our online e-commerce facilities. With our e-commerce engine, you can benefit from:

Redemption Sites

Exertis can create bespoke consumer facing websites, where end-users can redeem promotional or voucher codes, and offer software and gaming activation keys and download codes. Downloadable content can include games, movies, audio books and music files. In addition, we can also fulfil physical products directly from the Exertis warehouse to end-customers.

Exertis Digital Stock Room

Exertis’ customers can conveniently download digital content such as Microsoft Office products, anti-virus software and gaming titles via the Exertis digital stock room (EDSR).

Whether you prefer to phone in and order, purchase online or transact orders via EDI, you can now access and download digital content easily via our digital EDSR locker.

Digital Content

Exertis offers a market leading digital delivery infrastructure and digital distribution service with a global reach. As a result, we are one of the most attractive partners to work with for Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) in the industry.

Exertis specialises in digital sales and distribution of both online and in-store solutions:

Website: Design, Build and Management

Exertis can help you take your products to market with cutting-edge website design – whether your brand is new to the channel or you need to create an end-user website, we can help build your website to the latest digital specification and ensure: