At Exertis, sustainability is integral to our long-term business strategy.

Sustainability and Quality

At Exertis, sustainability is seen as being integral to our overall strategy to build a long term, profitable business. It’s not a standalone topic. We continue to integrate objectives and metrics, in respect of material sustainability issues and quality, into internal reporting and planning processes.

Doing the Right Thing

The trust in the people we deal with – our colleagues, customers, suppliers, shareholders and communities – is one of the most important assets we have. That's why our employees' priority is to demonstrate our Exertis values when interacting with stakeholders.

Social Responsibility

Exertis is committed and dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility are adhered to both on a company wide basis as well as with our supply base. In the case of Exertis sourced suppliers, we employ a strict Code of Conduct and are absolutely committed to ensuring social responsibility is employed throughout the supply base.

Environmental Policy

The Exertis Group is committed to minimising the impact of our business operations on the environment. As a global technology distributor, we produce zero industrial waste and our energy consumption is low. Nevertheless, where we do have an environmental impact, our policy ensures that we're continually monitoring and reducing carbon emissions, transportation, energy consumption, and complying with regulations for the disposal of waste and spills.

Core Values

Core Values

At Exertis we believe we are judged by how we act and that our reputation is defined buy how we put into practice our core values.


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Exertis TechAid Charity

Charity Support: TechAid

In 2015, Exertis are helping the Sabre Trust, an educational based charity, build a Centre of Excellence Kindergarten in Ghana.


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